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Hair, Skin, and Nails? What About Heart, Lungs, and Brain?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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I keep getting questions about supplements that are specific to hair, skin, and nails. Even my 26-year-old daughter, who grew up hearing about the importance of good nutrition, has asked about them.

I’ve looked into several and found that many can be as weak as those nails you’re trying to fortify. And the fact is, what you see in the mirror might reflect the condition of your whole body’s health. But let’s look at those targeted products. I’m not going to compare each specific ingredient from all the different products because it would be like comparing apples to tennis balls to hockey sticks. They are all completely different—each with their own story. I will admit, this is some good marketing—but that’s the best quality of most of these products: GOOD MARKETING.

hard pill tablets

Right away, I will disqualify several of them because they use hard tablets. When that is the case, it doesn’t matter what the ingredients are – you are probably passing them through your body before they can actually be broken down and used. In other words, you are pooping out the whole pill. For a moment, let’s pretend that is not always the case, just for the sake of discussion.

Yes, getting the proper nutrients is important. And yes, most of these products contain some good nutrients. The most common issue I see, however, is that so many of the ingredients are in such small amounts that they literally CAN’T help. 200 mg of MSM? Really? Dr. Stanley Jacobs, the scientist who discovered this nutrient and has done the most research on it, recommends 2 grams daily—10 times what is in most of these products. Biotin and zinc are quite the opposite, found in high quantities but not always in a form that the body can readily absorb and utilize. Then they throw in a “proprietary blend” of several super fruits, herbs, and spices, again with tiny amounts that can’t be beneficial, mainly because most people won’t know the difference, but it sure sounds good.

8 glasses of water

The best recommendation for healthy hair, skin, and nails that I’ve seen in various sources is to drink a lot of water. Several recommend at least 8 glasses daily. Consider a young lady who is trying to keep an eye on her weight and needs some energy. She will probably drink a lot of caffeinated, high-sugar drinks and very little water. Just dumping the junk and drinking more water will make a difference in her health, including her hair, skin, and nails.

Bottom line, though, why wouldn’t you be concerned with your entire body? If your hair is thin and your nails are weak, don’t you think the rest of your body—your heart and all your other organs, your muscles, your joints, your brain—may be deficient as well? Eating a healthier diet, taking a good multivitamin with minerals, and drinking plenty of water will be far more beneficial for your entire body – including your hair, skin and nails. So many of our customers have talked about how fast their nails grow and how their hair is thicker since they started taking a multi.

You have to decide if you want a healthy body, inside and out, or if you only care about your outside appearance.

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