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Make Honestly Good Daily Habits

with High-Quality Supplements

If you've had any questions about a certain supplement but can't seem to find the answers you're looking for, these videos on pharmacist recommended supplements are what you need! Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, talks about how supplements may support your health and what may cause nutrient depletion.

Wondering what goes into a pharmacist recommendation of Co-Q10? Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, reviews what Co-Q10 actually does for the body along with what can cause that nutrient to be depleted in the body.

Zinc has a HUGE impact on our body's function, and diet and supplementation are how we get this essential mineral - our bodies cannot produce it. Learn more about what zinc does, what can impact our zinc levels in our bodies, and how you can get the recommended amount from our Clinical Tidbit presented by Megan Myers, PharmD!

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