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5 Reasons You Should Thank a Veteran Today and Every Day

veterans day

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, is a day to celebrate and thank those who have served and protected our great country.

Here are 5 ways you can thank one of the 20.4 million military veterans in the United States:

Thank Them for Their Courage: Risking their lives for the welfare of others is one of the most selfless acts of courage a person can give of themselves. Thank a veteran for the courage to lay their life down for yours.

Thank Them for Their Time: Not only did they give their time on foreign soil, they also served our country on domestic soil through preparation, training, and mental preparedness before ever leaving this country to fight. Thank a veteran for the time commitment they put into protecting our country.

Thank Them for Their Strength: Leaving friends and family behind to serve the greater good of our country demonstrates a strength unmatched by other careers. Thank a veteran for the strength it took to leave their home and face an unknown enemy on the front lines of battle.

Thank Them for Their Commitment: Military veterans make a choice and a commitment to serving the needs of our people without a trial period and without question. It is a sign of their commitment to our nation and to needs of others whether they sign up for a single tour or multiple. Thank a veteran for their unwavering commitment to the protection of this nation.

Thank Them for Their Patriotism: Veterans of the United States Military demonstrate a love and desire to protect the country which they call home. This act is a hallmark of patriotism. Thank a veteran for their loving our nation enough to risk everything they hold dear, including their life.

Take a moment on this Veterans Day to reflect upon and thank the veterans who committed their lives in service of the United States of America.
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