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Do you really need to take a multi?

Updated: Jan 3

I read another article today by someone who doesn’t recommend that people take multivitamins. Their logic is that not everyone eats the same or has the same needs. I agree. They also say that it is best to get your nutrients from food. Again, I agree. They go on to say that when “you’re not able to get what you need from your food, supplementing with all-natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals is the way to go.” Still agree. Where their logic falls short is when they recommend that you consider your diet and figure out where you are deficient and supplement only those nutrients.

First, I want to make it very clear that for most people, it is nearly impossible to get everything you need from food alone. Our soils are depleted and our fruits and vegetables don’t contain the same amount of nutrients that they did 50 years ago. Numerous studies back that claim…it’s not just me guessing. At the same time, there is more stress, pollution, and other environmental factors making it more important for us to get plenty of nutrients in our diet. So we need more than ever but there is less in our food. Thus the need to supplement.


Second, thinking that it is easier for a person to figure out what they actually need to supplement is not realistic. We don’t eat the same meals every day – at least most people don’t. And not every carrot contains the same amount of vitamin A, not every tomato has the same amount of vitamin C…and so on. So how do we really compute what we are getting or what we need? Our needs also change from day to day, depending on weather or what is happening on our lives. Stress is a great example. It is a killer and attacks our immune system. Stress creates the need for more nutrients.

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Last, our bodies don’t store most nutrients. If you take more than you need, your body simply eliminates the excess. So taking a multinutrient formula that contains the amount you need of the most important nutrients for your body with each meal makes much more sense to me. I don’t want to go online and calculate what I got from my meal so I can decide which of the 30 nutrients I need to supplement…and still not know if I am getting enough. I’d rather take a supplement that I trust every time I eat and know that I am getting what I need. So I have expensive pee if I get more than I need. I’ll settle for that. I’d rather pass the excess than suffer the consequences from not getting enough.

Of course, there are other important factors to consider. Avoid excess fillers, look for nutrients that are from food as much as possible, avoid supplements with dyes or coatings. Most once-a-day type tablets are useless. Capsule, powders, or liquids are almost always better than a hard tablet. Most of all, find a company you trust and stick with them as much as possible.

Trying to decide what nutrients you need from one day to the next is nearly impossible for most people. There are scientists that do that for a living – like my dad. He studied nutrients for 20+ years and he still got input from other biochemists when he formulated BioPlus.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, why wouldn’t you trust the experts and make it as simple as taking a capsule with each meal, knowing you are getting enough of the most important nutrients to keep you healthy and your body running properly?

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