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3 Ways To Get More Fiber

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

get more fiber

Admit it – you don’t eat enough fiber. Unless you’re one of the few people who eat 25 to 50 grams of fiber every single day, you need either a little or a lot of fiber from supplementation, such as a natural digestive aid.

Yes, fiber keeps you regular, which makes you feel better. But you may not know that fiber also helps maintain normal blood sugar, helps regulate blood fats, feeds good-guy probiotics in the intestines and causes them to multiply, and helps prevent colorectal disease.

So, it does more than you think. To get all of its benefits, BioActive Nutrients has three great fiber options you can choose from: Psyllium Hull Capsules Green Sweep FloraClear

Psyllium Hull Capsules If you like the effects of psyllium hulls, but not the taste, you’ll enjoy these capsules. Psyllium is one of the original, predictable fibers. Nothing fancy. Doug Kaufmann references psyllium in his Fungus Link books as being a substance to help absorb and remove fungal poisons (mycotoxins) that may be circulating in the body. You can never go wrong with this work horse.

Green Sweep This is BioActive Nutrients’ second-generation fiber supplement. Or more specifically, it was a green veggie supplement disguised as a natural digestive aid.

Green Sweep starts with wheatgrass powder, a standard fixture in the natural health world. Not only does it have a respectable amount of fiber, but it also contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes it green and is the “blood” of green leafy vegetables. It is known as one of the great detoxifying agents in nutrition and it is able to absorb various toxins – including mycotoxins – and help remove them from the body.

In addition to wheatgrass, Green Sweep also has Jerusalem artichoke, which serves as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are the ideal food source for probiotics, making this a total colon health product.

Finally, Guy Evans added a special herb called slippery elm, which has been a long-time favorite of nutritionists and herbalists to help ease the symptoms associated with constipation. Without being too detailed, it helps things move out of the body with ease.

Green Sweep is the perfect choice for those of us who either need more greens in our diet, or already love the effects of green smoothies. If you’re a kale shake kind of person, or hope to be, Green Sweep is perfect for you.

FloraClear This is the latest, and possibly most interesting fiber from BioActive Nutrients. Whereas Psyllium is the dependable, basic fiber, and Green Sweep is the veggie fiber, FloraClear is the natural digestive aid that is made to help the body multiply its own population of constipation-relieving probiotics.

It contains a special kind of insoluble fiber called Sun Fiber, which is from guar gum. Insoluble fiber is becoming the nutrition industry’s next-level supplement because this kind of natural digestive aid actually feeds and helps multiply probiotics. Many researchers are now saying that taking probiotic supplements is only half the story. The other half is feeding them daily with insoluble fiber. Probiotics are living bacteria that must be fed and the insoluble fiber in FloraClear does that. When they’re fed, probiotics multiply – and they multiply at a rate that exceeds what you’d likely get in any probiotic supplement. This is the new frontier in digestive health.

But what if you’ve never taken probiotics before, and your body is depleted of its own supply? Don’t worry. FloraClear actually contains a generous supply of 7 different good-guy bacteria, like the kind found in BioActive Nutrients’ concentrated Chewable Probiotics and Cranberry BlendProbiotic supplements. This is a first-of-it’s-kind idea: A fiber supplement that provides probiotics, and helps them thrive.

FloraClear also contains a standard food source for probiotics called FOS. It has been used for decades in probiotic supplements to make sure the probiotics are alive and well.

BEST OF ALL……FloraClear mixes in water and keeps the water clear – and taste-free! No more bulky, chalky, gritty fiber drinks you have to choke down. FloraClear is easy to mix, easy to drink.

So which of these three fibers is best for you?

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